-  Image from our country research.

- Image from our country research.

One of my favorite projects thus far in my SCAD career. In collaboration with two other marketing students, we were tasked with creating a brand from scratch. Based on our knowledge of global sourcing form the current class we were in and previous skills, our challenge was to choose a product to source and develop a company around it. In doing so we would be in-charge of developing sourcing guidelines and a code of ethics for our company that would be implanted in that of our manufactures. Once that was done we were to research three major countries for sourcing and production and were to company their strengths and weaknesses for our potential products. We developed a Chicago based utilitarian accessories brand or versatile products that would be sourcing and developing out of Italy.


Working together, making products that work smarter together, not harder, giving you more time to do what you love
— Austere